[C#] Shorten links with Bitly API in Winform

Hello young people, today's article I continue to guide you how to shorten links with Bitly using API in C# programming, winform.

[C#] How to shorten link with bitly Winform
So what is shortened link? Why shorten the link?

"Shorten link" is "turning a URL or a link from the original link form into a short link".

In other words, the simplest and easiest to understand, shortening the link is that you will shorten the link.

In the previous post, I also showed you how to shorten the link with the tinyurl service.
To do this, first you need to visit the Bitly website and register an account to get the Acess Token to use.

Here is the demo interface of Bitly C# link shortener application:

DEMO : https://i.imgur.com/naEemUZ.png

In the above interface, from the long zigzag URL, I shortened it.

You create a project and install the Bitly library from nuget:

Nuget : https://i.imgur.com/wU76ARZ.png

PM> Install-Package BitlyAPI -Version 4.0.1

Source code C# Shorten Link With Bitly:

Source : https://pastebin.com/rLi3M9Df

Download Project : https://bit.ly/3EKZU7n

Source code : Laptrinhvb.net
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