[Blogger] Share Blogger Template Personally Edited

With this interface, anhtrainang.com shared on the blog and I would like to edit it to suit my personal purposes :D

This template is shared by anhtrainang.com to make a self-introduction page and integrate more blog posts.

Now, I took it back and removed a few things and made it into my own personal blog with a very good speed from page load to removal.

When I see this template being shared, I find it beautiful, but there are some parts I don't like very much, yesterday I had free time to edit that template of anhtrainang.com :D

Original Template Trial : https://profilevcard-anhtrainang.blogspot.com/

Anyone who wants this original template interface can visit the blog https://bit.ly/2ZSYetx to ask for this template.

And this is the template that hungvb.com edits, looks simple, and helps users make a simple blog, without introducing themselves like the original, everyone.

Template edit interface : https://default-hungvb.blogspot.com/

And if you want to receive this edit interface of hungvb.com, you can get it here.

Link Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sEfyTT_UTTi3b93ojb0c9nCZuMNlK4KK/view?usp=sharing

Password unzip contact me : https://www.hungvb.com/facebook or send support https://www.hungvb.com/support

follow the form to send support

Email : Receive password (insert correct email)

Link : The address of the post needs a password

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