[VB.Net] Tips Faceseo.VN page increases visits and SEO

Hi everyone, after a while using the domain name HungVB.Com, the search volume of the blog is not high, and the world and Vietnam rank of HungVB.Com is also high, so after a while, I googled him. there are many articles to share the website: https://faceseo.vn, a website of Vietnamese people developed for the online community.

And I also started to learn how to increase the views and google search of this website, it is indeed a bit laborious but the traffic is real. And in return for a visitor, you will get + points, and vice versa, your account will also be deducted points, and users who want to have more points must automatically visit other users' links on that website. And the time that website is set to 5P, you will get 5 points, to accumulate points for your account, to use for posting your link :D

You must have 5000 points to post, everyone, and users who log in with facebook also have 5000 points.

Currently this website does not have an automatic link view program like other websites, but I have developed a demo for users to earn points from that view, but with this version, I have not released it yet, everyone. because it has some unexpected user errors, and is looking for a way to fix it. Because it will delete all links on that website without removing some of the links of that website and the user-posted link will be hidden.

Demo image of the program.

Through that image, you already understand this tool well. Since this is a demo, it will be sketchy and not fully optimized. Later, when I have time and structure that website, I will optimize the program better, everyone.

Thank you everyone for your attention.

If people do not understand, you can comment or inbox HungVB directly for support.

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