[VB.NET] How to Save Data to File and Read Data Back from File

This tutorial will show you how to save data to a file and then read that file back, line by line, into a combo box.

With this trick, it's completely simple, everyone, you just need a little bit of knowledge to customize according to your ability and follow the above code, you've got a program stored on windows without any problems. Worry about your data or website link being lost.

It only disappears when your device is reset :D

In the code there is a customization that you are the owner of that path. It depends on the link in windows that stores your .txt file in the program

=> "C:\Program Files (x86)\temp\hungvb.txt"

Above is the path you need to change according to your ability to store data on windows. That path is called by the program at startup to display the things you saved earlier.

And here is the entire code: https://pastebin.com/BAcexyMV

It's a simple code, and later I will learn and customize to encrypt that code when someone finds that archive file is encrypted, it must be displayed on the program to see the content. NS.

DEMO : https://youtu.be/uJVOIvFuaKA

Thank you everyone for your attention.
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