[VB.NET] Enable and Disable the Taskmanager.

Hi everyone, today after a while hungvb.com was silent to learn the code and found there is a pretty cool trick for everyone, that is toggling taskmanager on windows systems for users :D

This is not really useful, everyone because this task manager toggling will annoy your windows, if you want to check what your windows system is running, you can load task manager to check. , but blocking the task manager by the user can help some coder or hacker who can run a trojan that the user can't control :D, but no he can't if you know windows.

I know it's not good, but hungvb.com will still share it for users, because it also has its good side.

And every piece of code has good and bad, no one is 100% perfect, everyone.

The entire code is below, and the coder can customize it according to his or her ability.


Thank you everyone for your attention.
If people do not understand, you can comment or inbox https://www.hungvb.com/facebook directly for support.
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