[VB] Make SHA512 Hash Converter

Hello everyone, it's been a long time HungVB.Com hasn't published a new article, today I'm lucky to be a daily newspaper, so I took the time to learn and code for coders a pretty good trick, this trick is online. people share. much already. It is the "SHA512" encrypted password used on the website or you want to create a difficult password :D

Looking at the image above, you already understand how this trick is :D It encodes your characters into a "SHA512" code that website programmers or "PROs" about security I want it to be difficult to find someone's password :D, but everything has holes, nothing is 100% safe guys :D

Full Source : https://pastebin.com/7ysC1AuE

Video DEMO : https://youtu.be/WAQ_Uxfhb8c

Wish you success with this simple trick, to increase the security of your website or blog :D

Later, when I have more free time, I will update more functions for this application so that you are not passive in the application.

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