[VB] Make Money Pi NetWork

Hello everyone, HungVB.Com currently has a pretty good project, but it also takes a lot of work and invests a small amount to rent a hanging VPS to make money every day.

Do you know PI NETWORK already?

It's a virtual money making site like BITCOIN. But the downside of this PI coin is that it has not been listed on the floor yet.

And the exchangers are that in this year or next year it will be listed on the floor and its exchange price will be quite high, which is 1PI equivalent to 1000$ or maybe higher, everyone.

This article is both Pi-A for PI NETWORK and just shared for users if you have played PI and have to keep the phone every day so that when it completes 1 round (1 day), you have to re-activate it. and I have developed a program that automatically calculates according to the time you activate and it will automatically trigger the next spin for you without you having to do anything.

Currently that code is being updated, so I will not share the source code and you should note that this automatic mining requires users to log in to the account they are using so that pi can update the main pi mining time. your body. And there is an additional disadvantage that this automatic mining program will be detected by virus scanners because I have an additional item to hide applications and get windows information to check user data.

And if you have not played PI, you can visit the following link and download it to dig pi net work every day.
Link Here : https://minepi.com/
My ref : timcancoem92

When you have successfully downloaded and registered, you can add a ref item: timcancoem92 to be added to the group to make money on pi to mine pi together.

And anyone who wants to use the automatic pi mining program can support me through the link: https://www.hungz.me/ and the automatic PI mining program is free, everyone, I do not release FREE again.

Wished everyone success.

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