[VB] Instructions for making a Flash game hack

Playing games can be for fun, but hacking games is also to know your level :3 :))
Today I would like to guide you to create your own hack. For personal use :D

I chose Kingdom Crush game because I think this game plays quite well. hehe

Please note. Looking at the amount is "XXX"
to get its parameters. We use "Cheat Engine"

Then we go into the game to buy something to reduce the money. We start scanning again to get the final value

So we have the Address of the money in the game

let's go to VB.Net now :)
Full code ReadWritingMemory.vb copy the entire code below and save it with the same name as the one below.

Full Code ReadWritingMemory.vb : https://pastebin.com/xXCCye5d

Please add that file to Vb.Net
Follow the instructions: Project -> Add Existing Items Or you can Ctrl + D
After you're done, add a textbox and a button to the Form

Full Code Add : https://pastebin.com/Mp9RMJ3g

Good Luck For You.

If people do not understand, you can comment or inbox HungVB directly for support.

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