Internet Business Promoter 12.x “License”

Internet Business Promoter (IBP)

IBP is a famous SEO software that has won many great awards. Please list some of its functions as follows:
  1. Your detailed website analysis
  2. Offer ways to optimize your website based on the above analysis
  3. Keyword research and paid marketing that's right for your site
  4. Submit your automated website to search engines
  5. Submit your automated website to social networking sites
  6. Check keyword rankings, website rankings
  7. Helps you to build internal and external links
  8. Schedule automatic job execution
  9. There are also many other tools such as checking the website for valid HTML, checking for broken links, etc.
And the price of this software is $499.95, it's just a dream that can't be used

Download software

Download the latest version at:
or download version 12.0.2 at:

Key "Copyright"

Add the following 4 lines to the hosts file

After installing the software, open the software and run to its interface and go to the menu Help / Enter Unlock Code

It will notify you that the key has expired. You turn off and reopen the software on its main interface, there will be an Enter Renew Code button, click and enter this code:

Good luck! Protection Status